Instant Pot Rib “that will make your mouth water” this recipe wins 1st prize

Instant Pot Rib that will make your mouth water

Are you looking for a juicy rib that falls off the bones and is mouthwatering at every bite? Look no further. I have finally figured out how to make ribs that are not dry. The trick that I use is my instant pot. I use the pressure cook method on high. I no longer broil, boil or even barbeque. This makes for a succulent-tasting Rib and is one of my favourite instant pot recipes.

This method is so easy. First, I like to salt my ribs then add some pepper. I usually make my own rub of 1 tablespoon each of brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder and some chilli powder, but this is totally up to you on what you want for your rub. You may just want salt and pepper, which is totally fine as well. Whatever your taste is, trust me, this is such an easy recipe. I truly don’t think you need much other than salt and pepper. Lol.

Next, add 1 cup of water to the instant pot along with a few drops of liquid smoke and 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar.

The instant pot awaits for your ribs. Make sure and put your trivet inside your instant pot. Now it’s time to put them in the pot with the meat side facing out. I like to do about three small racks at once but depending on the size of your instant pot will determine how many ribs you will cook.

These ribs need to cook between 20-25 minutes at high pressure. Don’t forget to make sure your pot is in seal mode! Then let rest in the instant pot for 12 minutes before releasing the steam. Once you have released the steam, you are ready for the next step!

The next step is to put your favourite barbeque sauce on one of my favourite sauces is called Wildly delicious Korean BBQ flavour. I have not found this online through amazon. I buy this product at my local grocery store. If you can’t find this item, use your favourite sauce. I also like to use black bean sauce for a salty taste.

Once you have slathered your ribs, it’s time to cut up. It’s ready to plate with your favourite side dish like roasted potatoes or corn on the cobb or both and enjoy!

Instant Pot Rib

Recipe by Raegen BrettCourse: Home cooking recipes


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  • Coat your ribs with salt and pepper and rub
  • Put one cup of water and a few drops of liquid smoke with 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar
  • Place back ribs meat side out on top of your trivet
  • Next press high-pressure cook from 20-25 minutes .”make sure your seal is on close”
  • Once the time is up let sit for 12 minutes before releasing the steam
  • Release steam once the 12 minutes is up
  • Next, carefully remove baby back ribs and smother with your favourite Barbeque sauce or one of my favourites “Black bean sauce”

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  • I have found over time that you do not need to take the back fat off of these ribs because the meat is so tender that the bones and meat will fall down into the Instant Pot. I leave the fat on the back of the ribs.
  • I also find that when you broil these back ribs they become dry even if it’s for just 1 minute so I do not broil nor do I put on the barbeque.
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