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How to make Candle Slime

Cute DIYs SlimeYou can make slime out of candles? Yes, you can and it is so good! Candle Slime is an idea that my daughter told me about and loves and it is an easy type of slime that will impress your friends and you can add it to your collection, but be careful while making it so you don’t burn yourself. When you make this type of slime with an adult’s help, it’s safer.

What’s great about Candle Slime is the smell and texture. Use a scented candle that is colored. Now my slime smells like Christmas! The texture is very smooth and fluffy, it reminds me of butter slime but even better. And because the candle already has color, you don’t need to add food coloring. This candle’s slime holds its texture for a few days you can store it in glass jars to keep fresh for longer

Here is the easy DIY project recipe for Candle Slime

  • 1 candle
  • 1 container of glue 4 FL OZ you can even buy at your local dollar store
  • 1 tsp of borax powder, dissolved inside 1 cup of warm water.

Information to make candle slime

  1. Add 1 tsp of borax to one cup of warm water and watch to and make sure it is well combined.
  2. Place your candle into a glass jar. You can have your parents or guardian microwave to melt it.Or I find for better results to put in a double broiler but keep in glass jars so it doesn’t mess up your parent’s pots!
  3. Once your candle has melted then put in your glue and stir it right away. Keep it on the burner until it is completely combined bit by bit with the melted candle wax.
  4. next your borax mixture into the rest of the candle mixture and mix with a spoon I usually use my small wooden spoon. Then the borax until you find the slime forms.
  5. Keep your slime in some jars at home in a cool room. You will love this unique, great, easy-to-make slime it’s even great for beginners.


Cute DIYs Slime

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