Christmas Perler Beads

Making DIY Christmas Perler bead crafts is a fun activity for the whole family and for all ages. You can even make this craft in a classroom or a kid’s Christmas party or just as a fun family night activity.

Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Tree Ornaments

Perler beads are one of my favorite times to spend with the kids. From horses to Mind Craft to mommy coasters we can all make creations that we each like as different individuals. During the holiday season, the kids have some extra time off at home and this is a fun activity while we wait patiently for Santa to arrive.

Here I have found some patterns on the web that I am going to share with you but there are multiple free patterns online you just have to source the ones that your family members or other kids like.

Christmas Perler Bead Patterns

The Gingerbread Man or Lady

Christmas Perler Bead Patterns

How cute it is this is a little gingerbread man or even a lady. You can always make the smile with red Perler beads to embellish the lady gingerbread and pink buttons.

Christmas Holly

Christmas Holly Perler bead patterns

This year I hope mommy will kiss daddy underneath the Christmas tree. They will need a little bit of Christmas Holly (mistletoe) first in order to do that. What a way to start off Christmas morning!

Candy Cane

Candy Cane Christmas Perler bead Patterns

Get into the Christmas spirit with this traditional Candy Cane Christmas Ornament. No more sticky candy canes on the Christmas tree

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Perler Bead Patterns
Christmas Perler Bead Patterns

This Christmas Perler bead design is a little intermediate as you have some black Perler beads around the outer edge as well as on the inside. But this wreath looks super cool when you fuse beads.

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Perler Bead Patterns

These Christmas stockings are super easy and so much fun! Hang these on your tree or make magnets out of them. Santa will love seeing these come Christmas morning.

Christmas Bells

Christmas Perler bead Patterns

Christmas Perler bead designs can sometimes be complicated but with a little bit of patience and time, you can make some great gifts or ornaments for decorating your Christmas Tree.

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