Therapeutic Benefits of Slime Making

Despite some potential annoyances like it’s messy and that it can ruin your carpet, furniture, and clothes. It can even get stuck in hair. Slime has many therapeutic benefits. There are therapeutic benefits from making slime, and it is a fun finger-strengthening activity for kids! To activate slimes, your child needs to knead and squeeze the slime. This can help release tension, manage any nervous energy or frustration or fidgeting. Practice fine motor skills and encourage finger dexterity by adding fun little objects to your slime play. Did you know that Slime is great for younger children to work on their hand strengthening? Children enjoy grasping, pulling, and moulding the slime. Working hand and finger muscles are important for child development and will improve their fine motor skills.

The Value of Therapeutic Slime

Let your child play with slime daily, even if it’s just for a short time. The stretching and squeezing action that most people naturally do when playing with slime can help release tension, also encourage relaxation. Practicing relaxation tools when your child is calm helps them access and use the skill when upset.

Focus on the color, sensations, smells, and sounds of the slime. Helping your child pay attention to these sensory details increases their engagement in the moment, one aspect of mindfulness. You can read more about mindfulness and it’s benefits here.

Have fun and join in! Showing interest in your chils’s hobbies can solidify your relationship. And then you can reap the therapeutic benefits of slime too!

Butter Slime Recipe
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