The best top 8 Rated Cocktail Smokers

Cocktail Smokers
Cocktail Smokers

Use one of these cocktail smokers to Create your own smoky cocktails at home and impress your friends.

A cocktail smoker is so much fun. Whether you’re a casual drinker or a regular at the bar, you’ve probably heard of “smoking cocktails.” And maybe you’ve read about how to do it. But have you ever smoked your own cocktail?

These Cocktail smokers are easy to use and inexpensive and so simple to use. By placing some kind of wood chips or sawdust of your choice into the device, light it, and let the smoke infuse your drink, by putting the drink into a smoking box or underneath a glass box or dome.

Smoke a simple glass of whiskey, a classic drink like an Old Fashioned or any other cocktail even cheese there are so many options. The flavour depends on what type of wood chips you’re burning, and this adds layers of savoury smokiness to your drink. 

There are so many types of smoker tools and kits with different smoke flavor available to purchase. Here are some of the top rated cocktail smokers:

Breville smoking gun

Cocktail smokers
Breville Cocktail smoker
Starting at $129.99

With this Cocktail Smoker, you can add smokehouse flavours to drinks and recipes that you have not been able to enjoy until now. It’s easy to use and can be used with a variety of foods and beverages. The best part is, it’s a fun way to entertain your friends and family.

This Breville smoking gun is priced at about$100 which is a little high but it is dependable and has such great results. It comes with wood chips and replacement screens, the results are always reliable and easy to clean and store.

Special features of the Smoking Gun:

  • Silicon Smoke Tube and Sold Base
  • Dual Speed Control
  • Removable Burn Chamber
  • Cold Smoke System
Cocktail smokers

Silicon Smoke Tube and Sold Base

With the precise aim of the Smoking Gun’s silicone hose, and an integrated base provides a stable, steady platform that makes set up a snap and prevents tipping when in use.

Removable Burn Chamber

Large opening for easy loading of wood chips and easy cleaning.

Cocktail Smokers
Burn Chamber
cold smoke smoker

Cold Smoke System

Infuse your food with classic smokehouse flavours. Cold smoke is gentle on foods, so you can smoke delicate foods like ice cream, butter or cocktails as well as meats and cheese.

Portable Smoker Gun, TMKEFFC

cocktail smoker
Portable Smoker Gun, TMFEFFC
Starting at $85.04

This is a small battery-operated gun and does a really good job. You add the wood chips you are using to the top of the unit, light it, and then let the smoke travel through the hose to infuse your cocktail with rich flavours

TMKEFFC Smoker Gun, a beautiful perfect alternatives tool for BBQ Stoves and other big or heavy smoking tools

Portable Smoking Gun: adds smoky flavour and aroma to your food or drinks easily, quickly, natural and healthier

Cold Infusion System: keep your house and kitchen away from high temperatures and smokers all year round

Handheld Size and Battery Operated: enjoy the smoky flavour at any time and anywhere you like, indoor or outdoor both possible.

DIY Possible: You can easily choose your favourite natural wood chips flavour and control the smoking time and effect. It’s Your Show Time!

Cocktail Smoker
Smoking a Cocktail

Affordable Wancle Smoking Gun Smoke Infused with wood chips

cocktail smoker
Wanacle Smoking Gun
Starting at $65.14

This Smoking gun is affordably priced at $65.14. Wancle smoking gun can quickly add natural smoky flavour to seafood, cheese, nuts, desserts and cocktail drinks by burning wood chips and it really makes your food and wine look sophisticated in front of friends and family. Hickory, mesquite, applewood, cherry wood, and even natural plants such as tea, herbs, and spices can be used as burns.

It’s not only suitable for indoor use, such as kitchens, bars, and restaurants, its portability makes it suitable for outdoor activities, such as BBQ, picnic, hiking, fishing.

Mitbak Cocktail Smoker with Kit

cocktail smoker
Mitbak Cocktail Smoker
Starting at $188.79

 ADD BBQ SMOKY FLAVOR IN SECONDS – Finish off a perfectly cooked meal with a hint of cold smoke. There’s no need to fire up your backyard BBQ when you are equipped with this handy food smoker. Your food will taste like you’ve been smoking it low and slow for hours. With this Kit you do not need to buy extra equipment everything comes with this set and the quality is absolutely amazing!

Everything you need to have the best-smoked food – The Kit Includes wooden chips, specially designed lid. This Smoker Also Has 3 speeds Of Smoke.

This smoker is a great gift, we’ve even seen it given as housewarming presents, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, thanksgiving gifts, and birthday gifts

Beginners Kit: Smoke Boards Smoked Cocktail Kit

smoke boards
Smoke Boards Smoked Cocktail Kit
Starting at $210.09

7 Piece Home Bartender Kit with carrying case and torch included! Handcrafted White Oak Smoking Board with 3 different wood chips including mason jar and case.

Smoking Box: Crafthouse by Fortessa Cocktail smoking box

smoking box
Smoking Box
Starting at $267.25

This smoker from Crafthouse by Fortessa has a double-sided door and makes for a sensational, interactive Cocktail experience. You can experiment with different types of smoking chips, dried herbs and spices. This smoking box is also great for smoking your favourite foods.

It has a stainless steel frame with a walnut interior base and is made for a sturdy construction.

This unit comes with a handheld smoker and smoking chips it is also a collection from Crafthouse by Fortessa by Charles Jolly, the world champion bartender.

Cocktail being smoked inside Crafthouse by Fortessa smoker box

It measures 9.5″ x 10.75″, needs to be rinsed or hand wash with mild soap it is not recommended for the dishwasher.

Cocktail Smoker Gun : Next Shine

Next Shine Smoker Gun
Starting at $76.99-$120.99

This is one of Amazon’s top choices for cocktail Smokers. It is very affordable starting at $76.99 you can upgrade and this will get you the plastic cover dome at a price of $120.99.

Bring natural wood smoke flavour and aroma to food and experience different flavours in familiar cocktails.

This gun is portable and does require 4 AA Batteries its awesome because you can use it anywhere.

Professional Cocktail Smoker With Glass dome:

by CreativeChef

Smoker with Glass dome
Starting at $97.90

This smoker comes with a glassy glass dome 30 grams of wood chips a plastic hose a nizzle and a handy cleaning brush as well as a screwdriver, two strainers and an instruction manual.

This cocktail smoker is designed for cocktails, whiskey and other beverages. you can also use some smoldering wood chips to smoke beef, salmon, cheese or a fruit salad.

It’s so easy to operate and is well made and durable.


How Do I make a cocktail smoking box?

“If you are making an Old Fashioned Cocktail you would just need 1 layer. You want your guest to taste the whiskey, the bitters, the citrus, and just a little smoke.”

First, add your ingredients to your glass or glasses then place the glasses inside the box and close the door. Next light the smoking gun this will create your smoke while keeping the balance only leave the cocktails in the box for 30 secs any longer you will feel like your face is next to a campfire. Next, add your ice.

Is a cocktail smoker worth it?

While it is a bit of a novelty, the smokebox is definitely Worth experimenting with if you enjoy different flavours and trying new cocktails. The smoke is designed to add a depth of flavour to the cocktail, but remember that the smoke is fleeting. It lay’s on the top of the cocktail as a layer. I like to use mine outside as it can be a little noisy when starting up the gun. It’s great for people that love to entertain and experimenting with flavours.

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