Easy DIY: LETTER STAMPS Made with Love


I’ve recently been obsessed with using different items from around the house as stamps. It’s so much fun to see the variety of stamps that can be produced from things you have lying around. I’ve only tried paper stamping, but this method would work great on stamping tea towels! I love these DIY letter stamps because you can customize the words to say whatever you want. I went for a cute xo design. Also, how was your 4th of July? Mine was great, long weekends are always the best! Oddly enough, it rained here, giving us a nice break from the heat.


Materials: foam alphabet letters, paint, block of wood, glue


1. Glue the letter of your choice onto the wooden block. Be sure to glue it backward so that it is readable after stamping.

2. Apply paint to the letter and stamp away! In order to get a good outcome, don’t apply too much paint. Instead of putting the letter block directly into the paint, I used a paintbrush.

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