The Best Salmon Rub Ever number 1 in my books

Sometimes you come across a great product, and you never want to buy anything else but that. This is one of those products. I grew up in BC, Canada, where local fish are abundant. I since have moved to a province called Alberta within Canada, and Alberta is more known for its beef than seafood! Lol. Fish can be a fast and healthy alternative for dinner, especially if you are in a rush and need to get the kids to a soccer game, or it can be a nice sit-down fancy dinner with guests.

Throughout the years, I have tried and like Salmon on its own with just dill, lemon and butter or in a cream sauce, but I came across this rub in my local grocery store and absolutely loved it. This rub is called Famous British Columbia Salmon Rub. This Rub has a nice bit of heat to it, and rice or mashed potato is a nice compliment along with a salad or some green beans.


I have created a video to show you how I use this rub.

I like to put my salmon in parchment and foil when I place it in my barbeque to prevent any burning that might happen. I usually put in the barbeque at about 300 degrees for maybe at the most 15 minutes, but it’s totally your preference. You can also do this type of salmon in the oven. If you would like to try this rub, here is a link to buy on Amazon. There is also a sauce that works just the same as the rub. You won’t be disappointed.

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