“Good Morning Sunshine” That made me happy. energy all day.

Good Morning Sunshine is what my dad would say to me every morning when I woke up. This phrase made me smile and actually made me reflect on the morning of what my dad said and make me smile again. It’s funny how a small phrase can brighten up your entire day even if it’s as simple as “Good Morning Sunshine”.

So it’s been a year now since we have been into this pandemic and our lives have changed tremendously. My husband now works from home. We have a dog now, named Oreo. My kids last March were sent home from school to be homeschooled through the school. This wasn’t the best experience for our family and probably not ideal for the average family. But its a pandemic so it’s not supposed to be ideal! I felt that the kids would be set back if we continued this next school year. So when that school year finished in June we decided that I would continue to homeschool them through a homeschool program so there would be no disruptions during the school year. I am not going to lie some days are better than others. But for the most part, we are truly enjoying being at home and doing homeschooling. I asked the kids yesterday if they want to continue homeschooling next year and both without hesitation said yes. I am thrilled and totally excited for another year of being at home with the kids homeschooling.

Sometimes the bad things can bring out the good. I can honestly say I am so happy that we all can stay home together. This morning I saw that the Sun was out and thought of my dad saying good morning sunshine and it made me smile and think of all I can be grateful for in my life. So I raise my coffee cup and say good morning to you all!

Good Morning Sunshine
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