Mini Christmas Wreaths for Windows

Mini Christmas Wreaths for windows

Mini Christmas Wreaths for windows or hang wreaths on your front door with a ribbon the ideas are endless. DIY wreaths are definitely unique and can look so creative as there are so many variations depending on your inspiration that you can create. It’s the perfect decor for the holiday season for outdoor use and indoors.

How do you hang Christmas wreaths on Windows?

There are different options that you can use to hang wreaths depending on whether you are hanging them on a window, frame or door. Rambling Renovators have all the know-how on what to do when it comes to wreath hanging this holiday season.

DIY Winter Loop Yarn Wreath

Check out your nearby stores for some loop yarn and start creating this wreath super easy for kids as well and looks pretty impressive!

Winter white wreath
By The Navage Patch DIY Loop Yarn Wreath

Vintage Truck Christmas Wreath

What a cool way to impress your guests with flocked trees and vintage trucks. Depending on your size of evergreen wreath base you can make these mini Christmas wreaths and attach them to your windows or even on a vintage style wood board. Simple sometimes is the best.

Vintage truck Christmas Wreath
By A Pretty Life Vintage Truck Christmas Wreath

Beautiful Fast & Easy DIY Pinecone Wreaths

This DIY pinecone wreath is fun and easy to make! It compliments so many decor styles from farmhouse to modern, and looks beautiful with Christmas decorations. This wreath has holidays written all over it.

Christmas Wreath with pinecones
By a piece of rainbow Easy DIY Pinecone Wreath

DIY Mini Pinecone Wreath Hanging for Christmas

The estimated cost for this wreath is about $5.00! Learn how to make this pinecone wreath the easy way! This is a perfect project for Christmas and goes with a variety of decor styles and looks absolutely beautiful on your window. Easy to find supplies at any of your nearby stores that sell craft supplies.

Christmas wreaths for windows
By DIY CANDY DIY Mini Pinecone Wreaths

Easy Driftwood Macrame Christmas Wreath

“Outdoor Christmas Wreaths”

Know I lived near a beach or had a cabin this would defiantly be the wreath for that cottage on the front door. The family could help you pick up driftwood from the beach and create these simple but yet stunning creations. Great for outdoor use.

Driftwood Christmas Wreath
By PLACE of my TASTE Easy Driftwood Christmas Wreath

Mistletoe and fresh Greenery Christmas Wreath

Hang some mistletoe and make your very own Christmas wreath great for outdoor use.

Making a Christmas wreath doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need are a few tools maybe some ribbon and a nearby park to go foraging in for foliage.

Wreath With Mistletoe
By Bloom & Wild Mistletoe and fresh Greenery Christmas Wreath

White Winter Wreath with Ping-Pong Ornaments

These delicate Christmas wreaths are great for Christmas time, but really, you can leave it up all winter long! Nice for outdoor use as well as they can be hung on your windows.

Christmas Wreath decorated with ping pong balls
By A Beautiful Mess White Winter Wreath

Simple Christmas Wreath

There are only a few steps to get this stunning look with a ribbon on top makes this wreath so sophisticated. It’s an affordable craft that can easily be done on a craft night with friends or family.  

Easy Christmas Wreath
By Just Destiny Simple Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath – Made with a Wool Scarf

This is the quickest, easiest DIY Christmas wreath you’ll ever see – using a woollen scarf & a length of ribbon create a gorgeous bespoke Christmas decoration in 2 mins flat great for hanging outdoor or on any window.

DIY Scarf Wreath
By One Fab Day, Christmas Wreath Made with a wool scarf

DIY Christmas Nutcracker wreath

This elegant yet simple Christmas wreath is absolutely beautiful.

This wreath is made out of dusters from the dollar store!

Even better you can design it however you choose once the base is done. If your Christmas decor is more rustic, different colours etc, you can find Christmas ornaments and decor to add that match your theme you do not just have to use the nutcracker.

The Nutcracker Wreath
By Aimee from Extreme Couponing Mom The Nutcracker Wreath

Christmas Card Wreath

What do you do with your old Christmas cards? I sometimes hang them across the kitchen on some garland but when I came across this idea I thought how beautiful it was.

This would be such a neat idea for guests coming to your door they could see their cards from previous years or hang inside your house and ring in some holiday cheer with this fun look.

If you don’t have any old Christmas cards and clear everything out every season you can always go shopping during the holiday season and pick up some Christmas cards at top deals for next to nothing at your local dollar store there are lots of deals to be had.

Christmas Card Wreath
By Funky Junk Interiors Christmas Card Wreath

DIY Mini Window Wreaths

Fresh greenery can be foraged or picked for cheap at your local florist. You can make these simple, small window wreaths with the greenery that you collect. Hang from windows or a door. So pretty.

Mini  Christmas Wreaths for windows
By Say Yes DIY Mini Window Wreaths

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