Halloween Events “Top 10 DYI handcrafts to do with Kids” at your Party

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Jack O Lantern

Creating Halloween crafts is a great way for adults and kids to explore one of the biggest holidays of the year together.

Below are 10 of my favourite Halloween crafts perfect for your Halloween Event for school, a party or even just around your own house you can have fun crafting with the kids until it’s time to fill your trick or treat bag around the neighbourhood.

What can be more fun than dipping your hands into some gooey paint! So let’s get started and create a cute spider, witch, pumpkin some spooky cute ghosts a vampire some adorable cute Halloween wallpaper monsters a snake and a scary but cute Frankenstein along with a bat and a cat.

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Haloween Holiday

With just a few simple ideas there are so many ways you can turn a simple handprint into a work of art. All you need is sweet little handprints for creativity and a few adorable ideas for a beautiful keepsake that you can take out year after year.   

Fun Handprint Art Ideas

Make your Halloween event memorable with hand print art. These are some of my favourite handprint crafts that I have done with my kids each year. It’s a great project for little fingers. These beautifully designed kid handprints are a great way to preserve the memories of your child before they grow.

It makes good gifts and keepsakes for parents. Have fun doing artwork, handmade gifts, keepsakes, artisan pieces with handprints. I recommend a non-toxic, washable colour.

“Hand print Art” Alphabet

Whether you’re looking for a fun art project or an easy learning activity, you can create a handprint alphabet that is perfect. Each letter is easily recognizable due to unique handprint designs associated with each letter of the alphabet, allowing for practice in early reading. Try incorporating letters with these handprint art ideas for Halloween at your “Halloween Event”! The children will love it

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What is a handprint?

Handprint art ideas are one of the easiest and best projects for both the classroom and home. Here is why these types of interactive projects are a must this Halloween season.

  • Handprint crafts are one of the earliest art forms. Even babies can do it!
  • Handprint crafts give a time capsule of information if you repeat the same project.
  • More than one hand can get in on the project even our feet.
  • A perfect handprint is not required!  
  • Getting our hands all in gooey paint can be a lot of fun.
  • Giving the gift of handprint art is something that is enjoyed by anyone.

The best paint to use for handprints are:

  • Non-toxic, washable paint ,  Traditionally, Tempura paint was the best option for creating handprint art because it is not permanent and it easily is washed off. Now there are other options including paints that are labeled “washable” which generally are marketedto children that are toddlers and preschoolers because of how easy they wash off of clothing.  
  • Washable paints are not permanent. Acrylic paints are permanent and depending it also depends on how well that they wash. All three of these types of paints are water-based which is a must when it comes to clean up!

Kids love making handprint art. What is more fun than dipping your hands in paint?

It’s incredible just how many ways you can turn a simple handprint into a work of art. All you need is a little creativity and a few ideas. 

Children love getting their hands all painty to create art!

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Finger Painting handprint crafts for kids

1.Cute Handprint Spider Handprint Art

Get ready to be really spooked out by these Jumping Spiders For Halloween!Handprint crafts that are so much fun for kids at any “Halloween Event”

Art Created By CuteDIYs

Handprint Cute Spider

2.Cute Witch Handprint Art

Want to make a fun handprint art for your “Halloween Events” try these handprint Witches. Kids fun craft.

Art Created By CraftyMorning

Cute Witch Handprint

3.Cute Pumpkin Handprint Art

When the kids show up to the Halloween event have them create these adorable Pumpkin handprint crafts.that are super cool gift bags. You can label them with their names on the handprint and fill them with eyeball chocolates and other spooky things.

Art Created By gluedtomycrafts

Cute Pumpkin gift bags

4.Cute Ghosts handprint Art

Make this Halloween fun ghost handprint craft. These ghosts are a great keepsake for your little ones’ 1st Halloween and such a great craft idea.

Art Created by FunHandPrintArt

Cute Ghosts footprint art

5.Cute Vampire Handprint art

Kids will love making this Halloween vampire handprint craft they get to use their own hands for the hair and the face! Who doesn’t love Dracula or Vampires? They are super scary.Every kids handprint is unique and a keepsake for years to come.

Art created By MomBrite

Cute Vampire handprint art

6.Cute Halloween Wallpaper “Monster Hands” Handprint Art

This is a fun handprint art idea. Get some wallpaper sample books and have the kids go through the books and choose a paper that they like. Then trace their little fingers. These Monster hands are such an adorable handprint craft and extra spooky for Halloween. This is a fantastic project for sweet little toddlers and kids in preschool or that are being homeschooled.

Art Created By happyhooligans

Cute Halloween Wallpaper art “Monster Hands”

7.Cute Snake Handprint Art

Looking for a fun handprint art idea that is educational as well. An alphabet letter created from hands is a cool technique in creating words. An adorable handmade craft perfect for any school projects well to entertain all little hands! They look great on a frame too. We can learn about the letter “S” S is for the snake. You can make this letter of the week and incorporate this handprint craft. It’s a lovely preschool or Kindergarten idea.

Art Created By crystalandcomp

Cute Snake handprint art

8.Cute Frankenstein Handprint Art

Frankenstein appears in two ways – one from its fingerprints and one form of footprint. Kids love this adorable handprint. You can make the Letter “F” F for Frankenstein The letter of the week and incorporate this cute Frankenstein handprint , another great keepsake. This is a handprint and footprint idea.

Art Created By frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail

Cute Frankenstein handprint art

9.Cute Bat Handprint Art

This simple cute bat craft can be used as another letter of the week the letter “b” B is for bat. incorporate this bat craft with your letter of the week and create an adorable project with the kids. Just another simple kids handprint

Art Created By simpleeverydaymom

Cute Bat Handprint art
Let’s not get too scared with this next project!

10.Cute Cat Pictures Handprint art

How simple and creative these little handprint ideas can be. have your little hands make a cat picture they will love this kids handprint. If it’s not spooky enough try adding glow in the deal google eyes and hang them on your front door for Halloween night.

Art Created By kidsactivitiesblog

Kids Handprint Black Cat

Here are some items that you will need to create these crafts Click on the pictures to purchase through Amazon.

  • Crayola Finger Paints for kids
  • Construction Paper
  • Google Craft Eyes
  • Paper
  • Cloths Pins
  • Glue
  • White Craft Paper

Halloween Events “Things to do with Kids”

Creating Halloween crafts is a great way for adults and kids to explore the biggest holiday of the year together. Below are a handful of Halloween crafts perfect for your Halloween Event for school, a party or even just around your own house you can have fun crafting with the kids until it’s time to fill your trick or treat bag around the neighbourhood. If you like these crafts you may also like to try this art project with Perler beads click on the picture below for more fun ideas.


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