DIY Tin Can Vases

July 16, 2014

Hello everyone! It’s the start of another week which means a new DIY from me! I love upcycling and tin cans make for one of the best and versatile materials to use for a DIY project. Remember that floral fabric I used in my DIY Monogram Letter post? I decided that it would be perfect for this project as well. As you can probably tell, I can’t get enough of the floral trend. Follow along with me as I transform this tin cans into something completely chic and new! Happy upcycling!

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Diy: letter stamps

July 9, 2014

I’ve recently been obsessed with using different items from around the house as stamps. It’s so much fun to see the variety of stamps that can be produced from things you have lying around. I’ve only tried paper stamping, but this method would work great on stamping tea towels! I love these DIY letter stamps because you can customize the words to say whatever you want. I went for a cute xo design. Also, how was your 4th of July? Mine was great, long weekends are always the best! Oddly enough, it rained here, giving us a nice break from the heat.

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Diy to Try: 3 July 4th Crafts

July 1, 2014

Whether you can believe it or not, we’re already midway into 2014 and the 4th of July is three days away! I’m going to be celebrating the holiday with my family and friends, eating good food and enjoying the weather. Or rather enjoying the air conditioning. Whether you’re going to be inside or out, you’ll love these three ideas that are 4th of July themed. Let’s kick off the July 4th festivities!

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DIY Monogram Block Letter

June 28, 2014

How cute are these DIY monogram letters? This project was so easy to make and the best thing–it was made completely from scratch! That’s right, no buying those pre-made cardboard letters from the store, you can make it all at home! I seriously think I’m going to go crazy with all the fabric options I have. For my first one, I decided to break out the floral fabric, but I’m going to try other printed fabrics for the next monogram block letter I make! Let me know how your version of these DIY monogram letter blocks turn out.

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DIY Gemstone Bobby Pins

June 24, 2014

Most of us aren’t hair experts that can whip out new hairstyles for each day. That’s why I like to add some variation by using different hair accessories.  These DIY gemstone bobby pins are ridiculously easy and cheap to make. I love adding them as an accent piece to dress up my hairstyle for the day. The best part-you can just use old jewelry that you have lying around for this DIY. I used a broken jewels from a broken bracelet and the result came out perfect.

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DIY to Try: 3 Summer Projects

June 21, 2014

Hey everyone! I’m super excited about this new series I’m starting on the blog. While browsing the web, I often find some really cool DIYS from other bloggers, and I thought I’d start sharing some of my finds with you all. Please share the love with these amazingly talented crafters!

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DIY 4th of July Decoration: Candle Holders

June 16, 2014

4th of July is on a Friday this time which adds a whole another reason why you should host a fun party! I think that the two things the guests appreciate the most at a party are the food and the decor. These DIY candle holders are such a cute way to add a festive touch to your table decorations.  They really tie the whole 4th of July theme together and are easy to make as well. Continue reading

DIY Animal Ring Holder

June 13, 2014

I am always looking for new ways to store my jewelry. This ring holder turned out to be the perfect way to display my rings. Bonus, this jewelry storage method is super cute (who doesn’t love toy animals?) and elegant at the same time! I can’t help but smile whenever I look at it on my vanity. My original plan was to use a gold paint/polish but I ran out, so I decided to use a silver metallic color instead. If you’re feeling bold, go for some spring-like colors, such as hot pink or blue!

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How to get stronger nails

June 11, 2014

I love having long nails. It makes creating nail art so much more fun and versatile. But whether you have long nails or short, it’s important to give your nails the special care they need for optimal growth and strength. Here are some neat tricks to try at home to boost your nail strength and reduce breakage.

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DIY Turmeric Mask

June 1, 2014

The magical powers of turmeric are no secret, and today I’m going to share with you all how you can use this ancient spice to give your face a special glow. Turmeric is effective in providing nourishment to the skin and is also anti-bacterial. It especially helps to cleanse the skin, keeping it healthy and refreshed. To sum it up, I love using this turmeric mask to reward my skin! Turmeric does have some staining properties, so I would advise to put only a pinch in your mask and test it out on a small patch of skin. I have never experienced much staining, but if you do, it should go away in a few hours. Continue reading