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Breakfast Frittata

Easy to make breakfast frittata

Making food for my family and having the kids help me in the kitchen is where memories are made. I am sharing with you the recipes that I have either created on my own or got from a recipe book or found online somewhere in cyberspace. I do have my favorite cookbooks and would like to share some of these all-time favorites with you. Watch for my reviews and outcomes from some of the best cookbooks on my cookbook countertop. Start creating memories with your family by giving them some home cooked meals from the heart. 

Crayola Slime

Yellow Crayola Slime

Have you ever made homemade Playdough when you were a kid? When I was a kid that’s all my mom use to make my sister and I . This day and age the new playdough seems to be Slime. My kids love to make slime. So We have created some fun slime recipes for you to enjoy with your kids and have some gooey slime that makes the kids happy for at least a couple of hours . I remember my little boy loved to play with his action figures inside of the slime! My kids started calling me Slime Mom because I have become a pro at making slime. Here are a few items below that you need to make this slime as well as H20

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