DIY: Water Marbled Glassware


I love room decor projects! With summer in full swing, I decided to try out this colorful, bright project that can be used to decorate any space and share it with you all. Water marbling became super popular last year, especially for nail art, but this technique can similarly be applied to other items, such as glassware! The effect looks very cool and each time the final look turns out different. Read on for the tutorial!


Materials: Nail polish (I used two colors but you can also do this with just one), plastic container that you don’t mind getting dirty, skewer stick, water, glass jar


1. Start out by spray painting your glassware white to emphasize the colors. Fill the plastic container with water and begin by adding a drop of nail polish into the water.


2. Continue adding drops of nail polish and quickly use the skewer stick to change up the design to how you want it.


3. Once you like how it looks, dip your glassware into the water. If you decide you only want a part of the design on the bottle, you can position the bottle directly over the desired design and pick up the rest of the design off the water with the skewer stick. Finish off with a clear sealer or a coat of ModPodge and you are done!


Here’s a couple of tricks to keep in mind when using the water marble technique…

1. Work quickly! The nail polish dries super fast and once it has dried on the water, you won’t be able to mess with the design! I have heard that using warm/hot water will make slow the process of drying, but I tried it out and still had to work quickly.

2. Don’t drop the nail polish from a high height. Sometimes this just causes the drop of nail polish to sink to the bottom. If the nail polish drop doesn’t spread out like it’s supposed to but doesn’t sink, don’t worry. You can just use the skewer stick to spread it out carefully.

3. Some nail polishes work better than others. Nail polishes that are not liquidy will obviously not work for water marbling. Best way to go about it is trial and error!

4. I recommend water marbling your jar in portions. I did it all at once, and thus had less control over the final result.

Hope those tips help!

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