DIY Tin Can Vases



Hello everyone! It’s the start of another week which means a new DIY from me! I love up-cycling (it’s seriously the story of my life) and tin cans┬ámake for one of the best and versatile materials to use for a DIY project. You can just do so many crafts with them! Remember that floral fabric I used in my DIY Monogram Letter post? I decided that it would be perfect to use to make these tin can vases as well. As you can probably tell, I can’t get enough of the floral trend. I just couldn’t say no after picturing how cute these old cans would look after being renovated with the fabric. Follow along with me as I transform these cans into something completely chic and new! Happy upcycling!

Materials: Your choice of fabric, Tin can (I used an empty olive can), Mod Podge, Scissors, Paint brush

IMG_28841. Cut the fabric to fit around the can. You can do this the way I did it by just eyeballing it, or you can go crazy with the math and figure out the lateral area of the cylinder.

IMG_28912. Apply the Mod Podge to the can and smooth the fabric over. I applied it with a paint brush.

IMG_2933And there you have it! Simple as that!





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