DIY: Mint and Lime Sugar Scrub

DIY: Mint and Lime Sugar Scrub

When fall comes around, the weather can make your skin dry and dull. I know that during the winter, my skin often feels extremely chapped, and is never smooth. Usually, I like to whip out some olive oil and try out some new masks and scrubs. This time, I opted to use the ever growing mint leaves from my backyard. If you have mint in your backyard, you know that it will spread like a weed! Because I wanted to use up the leaves, I decided to incorporate them into this scrub. Usually, I like to apply this scrub on my feet and legs. If you want to apply this on your face, I would advise leaving the lime zest/juice out, because skin get easily get irritated from it. I always make sure to test out scrubs/exfoliants on a small portion of my skin first, because all skin types are different. If you know you have sensitive skin, leave out the mint and lime, and enjoy the sole powers of the olive oil and sugar. Make this DIY scrub from mint and lime to keep your skin healthy and supple.

DIY: Mint and Lime Sugar Scrub

DIY: Mint and Lime Sugar Scrub

Ingredients: Mint leaves, Sugar, Olive Oil, Lime


1.Wash and blend a handful of mint leaves along with a small amount of lime juice.

2. Taking another container, add sugar and olive oil. Mix together.

3. Add the blended mint leaves and top off with some lime zest.

4. Apply to your legs and feet for an exfoliating, yet moisturizing scrub!

*Measurements will vary according to the type of scrub you want. If you want a more liquid, moisturizing scrub, use more olive oil. If you want your scrub to be more exfoliating, use more sugar.

Final Product

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12 thoughts on “DIY: Mint and Lime Sugar Scrub

  1. Hi there – I love this idea and plan on making it this weekend. Do you have any idea of the “shelf life” for this scrub? I’d like to give it as gifts for Christmas in a little under 2 weeks. Thank you!

    1. Hi Becka! I think that this scrub would be best if used in the week that it is made. I usually make a fresh batch each time, so I haven’t gotten the chance to see the longevity of the scrub. I suggest making a small batch and seeing what happens after a week. Putting it in the refrigerator may also increase the shelf life. Let me know how it turns out!

      1. Good idea 🙂 thanks for the prompt reply! I might make a test batch tonight and see how long it keeps, then make another batch right before Christmas. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

  2. i love this idea! ive been recently trying to find something to do with all the mint in my back yard and this sounds so awesome! i was wondering if i have to use lime, can i use lemon instead?

    1. Hi Alisha! Yes, you can definitely use lemon instead of lime. Just be careful whenever using any type of citrus fruits on your skin and do not go outside in the sun when you have it on. Hope that helps!

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