DIY Monogram Block Letter

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How cute are these DIY monogram letters? This project was so easy to make and the best thing–it was made completely from scratch! That’s right, no buying those pre-made cardboard letters from the store, you can make it all at home! I seriously think I’m going to go crazy with all the fabric options I have. For my first one, I decided to break out the floral fabric, but I’m going to try other printed fabrics for the next monogram block letter I make! Let me know how your version of these DIY monogram letter blocks turn out.

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Materials: Fabric, Cardstock, Tape, Scissors, Mod Podge/Glue

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1. Trace out the letter you have chosen on to 2 pieces of card stock.

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2. Cut out the two letter templates.


3.  Cut out one inch wide strips of cardstock. Using tape, attach to the border of your letter.

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4. After attaching the one inch border, tape down the other traced letter onto the backside.

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5. Cut and glue the fabric on to your cardstock block. Apply a coat of mod podge to finish off. Done!

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