DIY: Gold and Silver Glitter Nails

Yup, you guessed it! It’s time to get out those glitter nail polishes! I’m not usually the one to go with glittery nails, but ever so often, I like to change it up from basic nails and whip out my favorite glitter nail polish. Because I had run out of gold nail polish, I decided to sprinkle some gold glitter on my ring fingernail and put some silver glitter nail polish on my other fingernails. If you have some leftover glitter and some clear nail polish, sprinkle some glitter into the bottle and it will become automatic glitter nail polish.¬†Another idea would be to only have a glitter accent nail on your ring finger with the rest of your fingernails painted white or another base color. Try out different versions and let me know what you think!



Materials: Gold and Silver Glitter Nail Polish or Glitter, White Nail Polish, Top Coatstep 1

Step 1: Paint your nails white. step 2

Step 2: Apply the silver glitter nail polish to all nails except your ring fingernail.step 3

Step 3: Apply a layer of top coat to the ring finger nail.step 4step 5Step 4: Sprinkle the gold glitter onto the ring fingernail. Seal all the nails with a top coat.




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