DIY Gemstone Bobby Pins


Most of us aren’t hair experts that can whip out new hairstyles for each day. That’s why I like to add some variation by using different hair accessories.¬†¬†These DIY gemstone bobby pins are ridiculously easy and cheap to make. I love adding them as an accent piece to dress up my hairstyle for the day. The best part-you can just use old jewelry that you have lying around for this DIY. I used a broken jewels from a broken bracelet and the result came out perfect.

IMG_2650 1


Materials: Gemstones/Jewels, Bobby Pins, Glue

1. Lay out a design of your choice prior to gluing on the gemstones.

2. Glue the main stone onto the bobby pin.

3. Glue on the surrounding stones.



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5 thoughts on “DIY Gemstone Bobby Pins

  1. Love love love this idea! You’ve inspired me to make some this weekend I’m going to use a beautiful butterfly diamante brooch thats broken x

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