DIY: Fruit Ice Cubes


Surprise, double post for you all today! I decided to go ahead and share this cool DIY today as well, just in case some of you want to use this sweet idea for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I love adding these special fruit ice cubes to my drink and I think that no Valentine’s Day celebration is complete without them. After recently finding my heart ice cube mold, I’ve gone crazy and I’ve come up with different ways to use it! If you don’t own a heat-shaped mold, feel free to use whatever mold you have at home. I just thought that this idea was perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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You will need: Ice cube mold of your choice, water, fruit (works best with berries/pomegranates)

1. Cut the fruit into small pieces in order to fit the mold. If using pomegranate seeds, drop 4-5 seeds in the mold.

2. Fill the ice cube tray with water.

3. Freeze overnight or 3-4 hours.

4. Pop into your drink and enjoy!

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