DIY: Dainty Gemstone Bracelet

IMG_3011Okay, so I admit, I’m guilty. I haven’t posted a new DIY in more than a week. And don’t even ask me how long it’s been since my last jewelry DIY. But…patience pays off because today’s DIY dainty gemstone bracelet is a total winner! On a side note, are these things known as rhinestones or gemstones? Whatever they’re called, they are gorgeous! This easy-to-make bracelet is super simple yet elegant, and I think I’ve made about five of them already (yes, I’m crazy). Hop along for the ride if you’d like to learn and follow the steps along with me!


Materials: Gemstone Embellishments (you can get them at Michaels), 2 Jump Rings, Chain, Lobster Clasp


1. Attach each jump ring to a side of the gemstone.


2. Attach each chain to a jump ring and cut off any excess chain (if you think your bracelet is too big for your wrist size).


3. At the end of one chain, attach a lobster clasp. This is optional, but you can attach a jump ring to the other chain end  if you prefer. Done!


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