DIY: Braided Bracelet {Easy}

I love showing you all how to do easy tutorials, and it doesn’t get easier than this simple yet beautiful, braided bracelet. This is definitely among my favorites of the jewelry diys I have done. Through this process of upcycling, you can take your old jewelry and make it into a completely new piece.


materialsMaterials: Old necklace/bracelet, embroidery thread/string



1. Cut 8-10 strands of each color measuring 24 inches. Tie a knot using the strands and the necklace and cut off the excess string.

step 2


2. Begin to braid the three pieces.



3. Braid the three pieces until you get the desired length/run out of the beaded necklace.

step 44. Finish off with another knot and cut off the excess thread.





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