DIY Beaded Chain Bracelet


Happy Wednesday everyone! We’re pretty much halfway into summer, and I’ve got another beautiful DIY to share with you all. I honestly love simple jewelry, and this diy chain bracelet is no exception. I won’t lie, you might have to run to the store to get some supplies to make the bracelet, but it’s totally worth it! The end result is so pretty that you will want to make some for your friends/family too. Read on for the super easy tutorial!

Materials: Chain, jump rings, flat nose/round nose pliers, chain cutter, hook/clasp, beads, eye pin


1. Slide your beads onto the eye pin.


2. Close the eye pin using the round nose pliers by forming a loop.


3. Measure one piece of chain to the halfway point on your wrist. Do the same with another piece of chain. Another way to do this is to cut two 3” pieces of chain and trim the excess according to your wrist size. Attach each chain to an end of the eye pin.


4. Attach a jump ring on one end of the chain and a hook on the other. Done!


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