DIY Beaded Candles


Something about lighting candles just makes me feel so relaxed. It’s kind of like a mini paradise right in your home. After rummaging through the house,  I found a bunch of plain white candles lying around. Naturally, the DIY side of me kicked in and I decided to glam up these candles with some dainty pearls and beads. The end result came out fantastic and cost me less than $5.00. Try using this method on some larger size candles as well, I promise the results will be beautiful!




Materials: candle, pearl beads, smaller beads, wire, hooks


1. Insert one hook near the top of the candle (where you want the wire to start).

2. Tie a knot or make a loop with the wire on the hook.

3. Begin sliding on beads as you wrap the wire. *Tip: Make sure to wrap the wire really tight so the beads don’t slip around everywhere.

4. Continue wrapping and sliding on beads.

5. Once you have wrapped the wire around several times, place another hook at the end and tie another knot. Done!

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