DIY Animal Ring Holder

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I am always looking for new ways to store my jewelry. This ring holder turned out to be the perfect way to display my rings. Bonus, this jewelry storage method is super cute (who doesn’t love toy animals?) and elegant at the same time! I can’t help but smile whenever I look at it on my vanity. My original plan was to use a gold paint/polish but I ran out, so I decided to use a silver metallic color instead. If you’re feeling bold, go for some spring-like colors, such as hot pink or blue!

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Materials: Nail polish in the color of your choice ( I went for a silver metallic)


1. This is seriously the easiest DIY ever! All you have to do is apply 2 coats of the polish onto the figurine.

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2. Brush on a top coat for an extra shiny finish.

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3. Voila!



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