DIY 4th of July Decoration: Candle Holders

IMG_24914th of July is on a Friday this time which adds a whole another reason why you should host a fun party! I think that the two things the guests appreciate the most at a party are the food and the decor. These DIY candle holders are such a cute way to add a festive touch to your table decorations.  They really tie the whole 4th of July theme together and are easy to make as well.



Materials: Glassware of your choice, Rice (Measure by filling your chosen glassware 3/4ths full), Red/Blue food coloring, Water, Tealight candle


1. Divide the rice into three parts.

2. Put one part aside for later use.

3. Dye another part of the rice red. Do this by putting the rice in a small bowl and adding enough water to cover the rice.

4. Add a few drops of red food coloring to the bowl.

5. Repeat with the other color.

6. Let the water and rice sit for 1 hour.

7.  Drain the water from the two bowls.

8. Set the rice to dry on a baking pan or newpaper. Be very gentle with the rice because once it is wet, it will easily break!

9. Let the rice dry out ( I let it sit overnight).

10. Once it is dry, add the rice to your glassware so that the red rice is on top, the white rice is in the middle, and the blue rice is on the bottom.

11. Place a small tealight candle on top of the rice.

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