Cutediys: How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

Friendship bracelets make a cute gift to give to anyone! Usually, these bracelets come across as hard to make, but in reality all you need is practice to get the hang of making them. Read the instructions and follow the pictures carefully to learn how to make this simple and easy friendship bracelet. friend

What you will need: String/Thread in two colors (I used 100% cotton), tape or clipboard Directions: 1. Cut two 24 inch pieces of string for each color. Tie a knot to secure all four strings and use either tape of a clipboard to hold the knot down while you work. 2 and 3. Make a forward knot. To do this, make the shape of a four to bring strand A over strand B, and then bring strand A back under strand B. (You are basically making a knot) 4.  Pull strand A to the top to tighten the knot. This will form the first knot of a forward knot. A forward knot consists of two of the same knots. You will notice that strand A has moved to the left of strand B, but still use strand A to make the four shape. 5. Repeat steps two and three to complete one forward knot.  (Make another knot by bringing strand A over strand B and back under) 6. and 7. By making a complete forward knot, strand A will be located next to strand C. Continue making forward knots with strand A on strand C and strand D. This will cause strand A to move all the way to the end. 8. Start over with the left most strand (old strand B). Continue this process until you get the length desired. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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